I started Pop Kids Marketplace after having my second daughter in 2018. I had wanted to create an online community where moms could find affordable high quality baby & kids clothing, accessories, and decor, which developed into creating my own decor design business. 

Pop Kids Designs was born in 2019 when I decided to focus on my new love for graphic design. As a mother of two fast-growing little monkeys, I'm always updating their bedrooms, and now I have the ability to share these simple and affordable print designs with other moms. 

As I continue to learn and grow, I also grow my collections of print designs and handmade decor pieces. I started Shy Mama Designs in 2020 to offer home decor, personalized family name prints, and photo collage prints after creating some for my own home. 

I truly hope my designs add something special to your home or become a special gift for someone you love. Every print design I make is a gift from my heart to yours.

Thank you for supporting my dream of creating the decor of your dreams. 

❤ Vicki